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MSCPL Started this division in 2014, with a Motto to "Force back the limits of anti wear protection". We are the suppliers and refurbishing service providers of wear parts like Mixing Tools & other rotating parts like Screw conveyor Flight, Elevator Buckets, Dust Collector Blower Fan Blades etc., with full back-up and tie-up with the Manufacturer/Technology Provider M/s Technogenia from France.

About Us

Mr. R C Kothari introduced us to Technogenia Product in the year 2012 for Sand Mixers and with TECHNOSPHERE GN D4 revolutionizing the Foundry Industry raising the life span of the wear parts of the sand mixers multifold. In our mixer of low technology, life increased to nearly 15 times. This motivated us to bring a positive change for the industry to create a vision as Suppliers and Providers of Refurbishing Services of wear parts like Mixing Tools & other rotating parts like Screw conveyer Flights, Elevator Buckets, Dust Collector Blower Fan Blades etc. with full back up & tie-up with the Manufacturer/ Technology Provider of Wear Resist Hard Facing Materials: M/S Technogenia France-Force back the limits of Anti Wear Protection.


  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Ceramic industry
  • Tunneling
  • Dredging
  • Paper industry
  • Food industry
  • Foundry
  • Iron and steel
  • Aluminium
  • Waste recycling

"Vision: One Stop Wear Solutions"

Equipment Manufacture & Applications

R.C. Kothari

All round wide experience of world class technologies and 55 years in foundry field with great standing in foundry equipment manufacturing & applications.

Foundry Technocrat – End User of the Product

M.K. Bhamawal

Well experienced steel foundry technocrat with background of costing coupled with foundry floor experience of 15 years.

Foundry Technocrat – End User of the Product

Prayut Bhamawat – Technical Director

Highly qualified engineer, looking after Data management of steel foundries - monitoring, analysing and providing solutions.

Technology Provider

Technogenia France (Since 1971) has specialised since its beginning in the production of high level anti-wear protections, based upon the production of Tungsten Carbide.



What is Hard Facing?

Hard-facing is the deposition of wear resistant materials to wear prone surface. It binds a new surface over the original surface, thereby increase the life span of wear prone parts multifold (just like driving on the highway without traffic singals).

How to go About?

  • Option 1: Send us the Bare Blades, duly fabricated with 3 mm clearance for deposit on wear prone area. We shall hard face the blades for you.
  • Option 2: Send us drawing of the blades with marking of wear prone areas along with sub-assembly of the WEAR PART to help us understand the direction of movement and enable hard facing material in right position.
  • Option 3: If your consumption is large & you have full-fledged maintenance section with competent Oxy Acetylene welder, you can source materials from us. We maintain stock to supply on demand. We shall provide the details of WELDING PROCEDURE.

Why not to use Carbide Tips/strips?

Use of Carbide tips may have problem of tips breaking and jamming, thus causing damages to the mixer and overloading the gear train. We refurbish the blade by wire deposit instead of placing a carbide tip. Life reported is better with no chance of mechanical damage. Also by this process you can bind the edges (which is not practical with Carbide Tips)

Is the process suitable for CI & SG blades?

No, it's suitable only for Steel & SS, but not for CI & SG.

How is the cost comparison?

We give full value for money. First use it and then pay for the hard-facing upon satisfaction. We guarantee, there will be no looking back.

Is this technology affordable only for High Tech mixers?

No. it is as much affordable for all brands/makes & all levels of technology. In show speed mixers, life of more than a year is assured. We have already received positive response for all sand applications (Green Sand/ No Bake/ CO2 / Shell Coating). It is also equally applicable for Mining & Metallurgical, Cement, Coal Industries and also for chemical process plants.

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