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    Casting World
    "Mangalam Steelcast Pvt. Ltd."
    An emerging leader in manufacturing of steel casting products
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    Cast your Desire
    Well Equipped with Manufactruing Facilites and Infrastructure
    More importantly it also has dilligent, skilled, loyal people who take pride to do their job
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    Customer Satisfaction
    Continual Improvement of its Effectiveness
    Enhance customer satisfaction and to provide
    assurance to the customer about product quality and services
  • ISO 9001:2015 - CERTIFIED


Mangalam Steelcast Pvt. Ltd. is a professional Iron and Steel Casting Foundry which specialises in production of customised castings of various shapes, sizes & grades. This is in line with our motto "Cast your Desires".

It is an ISO 9001 certified company, acquired with modern manufacturing facilities and testing capabilities to deliver quality assured castings with consistency. With its alliance with RDSO approved Class A foundry, Siena Engineering, Pithampur, Indore, in 2014, it has now capacity to cast single piece casting from few grams (in Lost Wax Investment Casting) to 4000 Kgs (Sand Castings) thus making it a one stop shop for any casting need.

Having dealt with customized castings since last two decades, we have gained expertize with various grades of castings. We have all sorts of required facilities for manufacturing Carbon Steel, Manganese Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, High Chrom Iron, Special Ni Hard, Ductile Iron & SGI.

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About Company: Casting Division

Mangalam steel cast Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1995 with the objective to manufacture steel castings for nearby markets. Within a span of just 20 years, we have come a long way and from manufacturing just for a local needs, our castings are now being used by leading Pumps & Valves Industries, Mining & Mineral Industries, Oil Processing ...

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About Company: WF Division

A new division- Wear Fighter, has been formed by MSCPL in 2014, with a vision to provide One Stop Wear Solutions. A commonly faced problem across most industries, quick wearing-off of various parts, finally has an effective antidote, thus prolonging the life of wear parts!

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"Melting Today, Shaping Tomorrow"

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